Why is the Save button not working?

HubPress uses the Asciidoctor Article container to structure posts.

The blog title is always Level 1 in an AsciiDoc post. For example, = Title sets the name of the Blog Post to Title when published.

The Level 1 heading is mandatory for the blog post to save.

The editor has basic validation built-in. If you don’t start your blog with a Level 1 heading, there are no Preview or Save buttons in the editor. This is a visual clue to check your blog structure.

If you want a first-level (chapter) heading you use == First Level Heading, and so on to create other nested headings.

For sections, use a === Second Level Heading to create subsections below your chapters.

Blog Post Syntax Example
= Update: What's New in Version 0.5.1
:hp-tags: release
:toc: macro
:release: 0.5.1
:published_at: 2016-06-20

It's time for a new release of HubPress, which bumps the version up to {release}.

If you're looking for more information, all new features are highlighted in the docs with `{release}`.

A *"What's New"* video is also coming where we'll show you quickly about the changes.
Subscribe to our new https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNsNq3EoNCHGAD_h7eXlGrA[YouTube Channel] for more updates.

IMPORTANT: There are breaking changes in this release that affect themes.
Make sure you read these Release Notes in their entirety before reporting any bugs.


== Upgrade your instance

First, make sure that you have saved all your blog posts.
Every unsaved draft will be lost because we have changed the storage system in this version.

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