I can not publish posts, or something is going wrong. Help!

In most cases, the issue you’re experiencing with publishing will be markup related. Sometimes publishing issues you encounter after just setting up

To correct issues, switch to preview mode and see if things like headings are showing as you would expect.

Sometimes the Asciidoctor engine will enforce correctly-nested structure and prevent the post from publishing.

Check your first level heading in your blog post if you can’t click the save icon.

If that is not working, make sure you have set your default branch correctly in GitHub. See the README in your forked HubPress repository for initial configuration instructions.

Make sure you re-read the instructions again to ensure you have correctly selected master or gh-pages depending on your GitHub Pages configuration.

Figure 1. Where to change your repository in GitHub

See the related links for more information if you still have trouble publishing your post.

If you still can’t publish your post, create a bug in the HubPress issue tracker and we’ll help you as soon as we can.

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