How do I embed audio in my blog post?

YouTube and Vimeo have pre-defined short notations in Asciidoctor. Other services like BandCamp or SoundCloud need a block pass-through to work. See for more information about block pass-throughs.

BandCamp Audio Embed
<iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="//" seamless><a href="">SHOWDOWN by THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS</a></iframe>
The trick with block pass-throughs (no matter the type) is to ensure any src value does not contain a mixed protocol. For example if the src link contained http and your blog uses a https protocol, the embed would fail.

Some <iframe> elements provided by these sites may include the protocol. You must strip the protocol out when declaring pass-through blocks.

The source link is essentially an absolute target to the hosted file on the service. The // opens the pointer to the file.

See this issue which describes the journey to discovering how to embed content other than Vimeo and YouTube content.

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