How do I contribute a Pull Request (PR) to the project?

The HubPress team works on releases in the repository.

If you find something you want to fix, follow the instructions below.

  1. Create an issue in HubPress/ repository describing the change you propose.

  2. Fork to make changes in the new development repository.

  3. Switch to the /development branch.

  4. Create a branch from /development in your forked repo.

    If you name the branch issue-nnn, it will make it easy to refer to the issue in the next step.
  5. Open a Pull Request (PR), and summarise your changes, linking to the issue you created.

Once you submit your PR, the team will review it. If there are any changes required, the team will discuss them with you in the PR.

The team has enabled Continuous Integration (CI) on the development repository. When your PR gets merged, Travis-CI builds a new version of HubPress from the /development branch. Part of this build process includes tests to make sure your change passes quality standards.

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