How do I update HubPress?

Because HubPress is hosted on GitHub, you can update by pulling down the latest changes from the HubPress master repository.

If you’re new to GitHub, the repository you forked the project from is referred to as Upstream.

With the Check for Update button, you can update to the latest version.

How To Update Your HubPress Instance to the Latest Version
  1. Click Settings ▸ Check for Upgrade.

  2. Review the changes between your repository (left) and the HubPress upstream (right). You should only see changes made by the HubPress team, and not edits you have made to posts.

    Set the head fork

  3. If everything looks as you expect, create the Pull Request.

  4. Apply the Pull Request to your instance of HubPress.

  5. Reload HubPress to enjoy the new features.

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